Hear what people are sayig about FALAFEL KING

Delicious!! A lot of people judge Falafel King based solely on what they have had in Minnesota, but a person that has personally traveled to the middle east I will tell you that there food is very good. Its a very nice mom and pop place.

Since I live only a block away I've been here quite a few times. It's always constant and hits the spot if you're craving a gyro. I get the gyro every time, but I have tried the chicken kebobs too. I love their pita and they sell it by the bag for really cheap, I think it was $2.50..? Your best bet it to eat there so it's fresh and avoid take out or delivery, get it while it's hot!

Visited Falafel King the other day for a quick lunch to go. I wasn't too familiar with middle eastern food, middle east's food virgin as far as i'm aware. I walked into Falafel King looking like tarzan's first visit to the city. Luckily an employee was friendly enough to offer me some help. I ended up ordering some kind of lamb with fries and ketchup. Food did not look appealing to me, it's a personal thing, it's difficult for me to try new, strange looking food. It was juicy, well cooked, and the smell, oh the smell was the best part. I finished the lunch box in minutes. Will come back to try other items soon.